Indigo Press is ready for the future with second Komori LS-829P perfecting press with H-UV

“We are ready to grow and support more and more customers, so we did what we always do: we decided to analyse our current equipment as well as what’s on the market right now. And here we are now, with a newly installed second Komori LS-829 perfecting press with H-UV,” says Indigo Press joint Managing Director Tony Swift.

Swift is part of a three-man partnership that bought Indigo Press 14 years ago and is responsible for Sales and Marketing ever since. Since the acquisition by Swift and his joint Managing Directors Richard Docherty and John Ellis, Indigo Press has succeeded in almost tripling its turnover from £1.6m to £4,5m last year. Investing in new technology has been a major contributor to this success. “We were the first UK printer to install a Komori LS-829 perfector press with H-UV, now we are the first in the world to have two of those. We are not planning on slowing down anytime soon, quite the opposite actually.” The company has invested approx. £4m in new technology in almost a decade-and-a-half, resulting in a print house that can help a variety of customers. “We are mostly printers of general commercial jobs, supporting a broad and diverse range of customers. We have independent entrepreneurs coming to us, looking for quality brochures and leaflets. We do a lot of work for Student Unions and Universities too, as well as jobs for multinational companies. They need the same colours, the same lay-out and the same quality for various countries and count on us to deliver just that. And we do.”

Choosing H-UV again
“Choosing the H-UV technology has worked out well for us. The immediate drying solves a lot of issues, such as warehousing or even adding value. That is something our customers need, especially advertising or PR agencies who need to deliver high quality solutions to their clients, regardless of the volume. It strengthens our relationships with them.”
Komori UK Sales Executive Rob Thorn adds: “It speaks volumes of the H-UV technology that Indigo has chosen another H-UV LS-829 perfecting press just three years after installing their first. Their first H-UV press has helped them to meet customer demands, especially when you compare this press to the replaced LS-1029P conventional press they used to have. The immediate improvements in quality, productivity and ease of use were the immediate benefits for Indigo Press. Because of their experience with the first LS-829 H-UV press, the press minders are already accustomed to the systems and technology. With the learning curve shortened, print production was obtained very quickly.
The continued benefits of having no gutter down the middle of the sheet, the instant drying on both sides of the sheet, no unsightly spray powder within the delivery. The vibrancy and lift given to printed uncoated work made the second H-UV press purchase an almost obvious choice. This knowledge has contributed to choosing this second press, Indigo Press already knew and experienced what they were investing in and how that could develop their business. “

The new addition will replace a ten-year-old Komori LS-1029P and is the fourth Komori press Indigo has bought in 13 years. Swift: “The first LS-829 perfecting press has had a major impact on our (potential) customer base. Sheets dried instantly due to H-UV, which reduced the production time and we could deliver to our customers faster. The quality is better as well, not only because of H-UV. The ten colour press was getting older and the quality was just not the same as we would get with a brand-new press. Our passion is to provide print which suits today’s budgets and quality standards, while still maintaining our signature service and speed. That is something we can maintain with the new press, with high quality and fast drying.”

The second LS-829 perfecting press is already installed and officially launched a few weeks ago by former Southampton football player Francis Benali, who pushed the Start button to start printing. Swift: “The installation process went well and we were able to print rather quickly. That is what we needed, since we have more and more work coming in. It was also nice to show our families and customers how this press works by printing during the launch.”

Thorn: ” We’ve had a close working partnership with Indigo Press for many years and were delighted to help when their business required another H-UV press. It’s almost a natural progression that Indigo has invested in another H-UV press, since the first one has helped them exceed customer expectations. Not only were the press minders at Indigo Press happy with the immediate drying and print results, more demand came in from their client base to have work printed H-UV. Now having 16 units of H-UV technology really puts Indigo Press at the forefront of their market and move towards the future with confidence and possibilities.”

“We see that the market is changing in the UK, the print industry is re-inventing itself again. The legislation for e-marketing is new and quite intense. Direct marketing is a more cost-effective gain and, thanks to the e-marketing struggles, is become more and more relevant again. This press takes us to another level. It offers extra capacity and therefore, we can take on more jobs than we could ever before. The key to it all, is filling this capacity with new jobs. But with the growth we’re experiencing and the variety in customers we have, I am confident we will. We are looking into other and high quality markets, since this Komori LS-829P offers us more opportunities than we’ve ever had. We really are ready for the future now”, Tony Swift concludes.

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