A80 Stacking Delivery

A80 Stacking Delivery

High-performance delivery in premium quality

The A80 is the ideal delivery for the production of signatures. In the A80, the sheets first run through a pair of press rollers and are then transported to the collection shaft in single sheet or shingle stream mode. The integrated jogger device creates precise product stacks. These are then supplied ready for removal in perfect quality and at a convenient height.

MBO Solutions


  • Seamlessly connect to all of MBO’s advanced software, including Datamanager 4.0 and RAS Remote Access Service
  • Integrate to the new “Autopilot” feature on MBO folding machines
  • Controls networking to MBO systems
  • Both single-sheet and in shingle stream mode stacking
  • Mark free processing of sensitive or freshly printed products
  • Jogger devices ensure high quality stacks
  • Ergonomically convenient delivery table
  • Intelligent automation for quick and simple set up
Infeed width min 8.0 cm
max (1-up production) 76.0 cm
max (2-up production) 35.0 cm
max (3-up production) 23.5 cm
Infeed length min 9.5 cm
max 33.0 cm
Single sheet production speed max 15,000 sheets/h with DIN A4
Stacking speed max 1,000 piles/h
Pile height min 0.3 cm
max 16.0 cm
Pressure max 2.0 t
Electrical supply

M1 Advanced

(3x400V 50/60 Hz

3x220V 50/60 Hz)

3.5 kVA

16 A

Compressed air supply  

6 m³/h (15 m³/h)

6 bar

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